The Hit Music Princess

Started off as PD at my college station WWNW in New Wilmington, PA. My first paying job was board opping at CBS Radio's Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh. I part-timed at Star 104 in Erie PA for over a year and at Froggy in Pittsburgh. I just started my first full time job doing middays in Meridian, MS at WJDQ (CHR). Every step in my career is exciting!

Monday, February 12, 2007

So...I don't like giving out too much info on my future plans here. There are too many politics involved. Beware of that kids...politics are everywhere.

But to keep blogging I thought I'd go with themes the current capstone students are doing.

What would I do with a million dollars? (Let's say several billion because a million doesn't go too far these days.)

1. I'd get my car inspected. Keep putting that off!

2. Move to Florida and golf. A lot.

3. Have fun at the beach.

4. Get a Master's degree.

5. Other than buying a radio station (which I'm not interested in), there's really nothing my money can do with radio. But I still wanna do it--whether I have 2 billion dollars or 2 cents.