The Hit Music Princess

Started off as PD at my college station WWNW in New Wilmington, PA. My first paying job was board opping at CBS Radio's Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh. I part-timed at Star 104 in Erie PA for over a year and at Froggy in Pittsburgh. I just started my first full time job doing middays in Meridian, MS at WJDQ (CHR). Every step in my career is exciting!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Journey Continues

Lasts...Over the past week or so, I have had many "lasts." I had my last Titan Radio morning show with Hauger. I did my last remote for the station during our Broadcast Festival. Last week was also my last spinning class after 4 years teaching at Fitness in Motion in New Castle. Tomorrow I will have my day of college classes and my last 10-midnight radio shift at 88.9 (and the last time I'm known as "Poodle"). I will also have my final Titan Radio news shift and my last time selecting the station's new music for the week. Even my last time running maintenance on the on-air machines! Weird!

The Interview...So I went on my interview in Binghamton, NY. I have never driven that far by myself without getting lost, so I was quite proud. I checked into my hotel Wednesday night and found the town somewhat similar to Erie. It was great to meet with the OM and GM, in addition to the PD who interviewed me and the several others along the way. I was at my interview for about 3 hours and they won't make any hiring decisions for a few weeks.

East Coast Tour...After my solo road trip experience, I gained confidence in travelling alone and came up with a brilliant idea. This summer I want to take a week away from Erie and travel down the east coast, stopping at different radio stations I'd like to work at to meet the people and hand deliver my materials. This will take careful planning so that I time out traveling and make arrangements for short meeting with the PD's. So far, Randi West has agreed to let me come see her at G105 in Raleigh and I need to come up with a list of the other specific stations I want to visit. I may possibly be meeting some former "Radio Girls of the Week."

Other Stuff...The Holcad had planned the very first Westminster Dog show during VolleyRock and I had the honor of hosting it since my on-air alias is "Poodle" (for those of you who don't know). We thought about doing it as a remote on Titan Radio, but it worked better to make announcements via the DJ system since that's the music that was playing for Volleyrock. I've never done the whole "Club DJ" thing, and it was kinda different.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Latest

Job Interview...This week I have my first interview for a full-time radio job (with benefits). The position is for an on-air shift at a Hot AC station in Binghamton, NY. Star 105.7 is owned by Clear Channel and the position would also involve prod work. Binghamton is about an hour away from alumni Melissa Batulis, who reports from WENY-TV in Elmira, NY. She's promised to give me tips on the area! Wednesday night I will leave New Wilmington for my interview on Thursday. It seems I have a thing for Star stations!

Senior Presentation...My presentation went very well. I was pleased. It was awesome to see my parents and all my friends hear me speak about my journey into the radio business. All my classmates were awesome in their presentations as well. I was proud. This was a big week for my family, as on Thursday I went to the Carnegie Music Hall where my mom was honored as one of the top 100 educators in Western Pennsylvania for the Teacher Excellence Awards. Several media members were there.

This week in broadcasting...was somewhat the same--scheduling and selecting new music, air shifts, news, Erie, etc. But it's also been tying up some final ends. I'll be showing the new kids how to rip in the music and schedule for the summer. Plus I have the episodes I produced of The County Line on tape so I need to make my producer resume tape this weekend.