The Hit Music Princess

Started off as PD at my college station WWNW in New Wilmington, PA. My first paying job was board opping at CBS Radio's Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh. I part-timed at Star 104 in Erie PA for over a year and at Froggy in Pittsburgh. I just started my first full time job doing middays in Meridian, MS at WJDQ (CHR). Every step in my career is exciting!

Friday, March 31, 2006

For the Little Ones...

In Capstone this week we started planning our time capsule and our senior presentations (I've actually started my Power Point.) We will write letters to the class of 2010 and I really want to stress the importance of blogging, networking, and job searching in mine. I love the story of how I got my job via blogging, and I think it will really provide an advantage for them. By the time they read our letters, the will be seniors and hopefully I'll still be in the field so they can contact me for advice.

This week in broadcasting...I produced my final episode of The County Line. I'd say it went OK. We came out light, and there were a few things I could have done to make it better, but overall it ran fairly smoothly. I've also started planning the Backyard Band Week which starts on Monday. I interviewed 2 bands so far and Rachel Webb interviewed another. I made a promo for BBW and sent the info to Westminster Weekly as well. I think it's a great idea because it will get more people to tune in (local fans of the bands, along with parents and alumni). Also...the big Relay for Life is next Saturday!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Pluggin' Along

This week in broadcasting...So over the past week or so I've made several promo's for the station. I was really pleased with all of them. The school also has a schedule that makes us go to each class the same amount of when we returned from spring break Wednesday was really "Monday" and Thursday was "Tuesday." I wanted to make sure everyone got in their proper shifts, so we went along with this as well. I came up with an ingenius idea to make what seemed like mass chaos appear as if we wanted it to be this way. So I created a "Switch" promo saying we didn't want everyone coming back to the same humdrum Pennsylvania so we thought we'd "switch up" the DJ schedule. The promo made it seem like it was a neat change of pace and I included production of Will Smith's "Switch."

I worked some long days at Titan Radio on Monday and Tuesday...making the various promo's in addition to our weekly updated ones. Plus I had a 5 hour shift each day and did morning and afternoon news as well. Additionally, I made a pretty cool promo for my morning show with Hauger. After my work was finished on Tuesday, I made an updated demo. I'm back on my All Access kick.

Thursday I filled in at Star 104. I was a train wreck!!! But the good thing is I am learning. When you have a bad shift, you have to put it past you and move forward. There's no going back in radio!

Tomorrow I'll head to Erie for an emcee audition with the Seawolves, the city's professional baseball team. I'm not sure what all the job would entail, but I'm told the Seawolves host many promotional events. Having a local on-air radio job gets the hiring staff's attention!

Of course my regular 1-7 shift at Erie #1 Hit Music Station Star 104 on Sunday. Here's to hoping it goes well like it usually does!

Monday, March 13, 2006


-New Automation Sweeps...check
-This week's news and new music promos...check
-Generic music promo...check

Now I need to start looking at my Titan Radio airchecks for a new resume demo and a morning show promo

I really feel like I'm growing as a jock at Star 104. Obviously, there is a TON I can improve upon, but I am beginning to sharpen the skills I have and realize the ones I need to gain. One of my huge goals is connecting with the listeners through phone calls. I started airchecking and am anxious to get feedback from my boss so that I can continue to improve. While it's scary to hear what he has to say, it's also an excellent chance to hear about specific things to work on. I'm one of those people that enjoys and thrives upon constructive criticism so that I can learn from it.

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Future

This week in Capstone we had a visitor--Rich Klindworth, an anchor/reporter at WJAC in Johnstown and a former student of Mr. Weaver. Although his specific goals were different than mine are, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him talk about the broadcaster's struggle. I really admired his attitude and ambition.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had received an invitation to come to the open internship interviews for WABC-TV in New York. I've made no plans to go because I'm ineligible. This week I also received word from MTV that they've received my application and want me to schedule an interview for an internship as well. I've held off on that because it says that you must make sure you qualify before reserving a time. I was pretty sure I was 100% ineligible, but then Dr. B. came up with another possible option. Right now I'm corresponding with Carol Yova, the LLP coordinator, to see if it's a viable option.

I've also been continuing my supplemental job search. Mr. Weaver even suggested I look into part-time producing for one of the Erie TV stations. I started taking a look at their websites right after he mentioned the idea, and I plan on looking further into it. I've also looked for communication-type jobs that aren't in broadcasting, but are better than retail or the food industry. Some places I've looked into include promotions/event planning for local night clubs, entertainment venues, and sports teams. After I told one company I currently work weekends for Next Media, they asked if I'd be interested in applying for an on-field emcee position for the local minor league baseball games.

Spring Break Goals

Since I'll be working here over break, I'll have a few extra chances at news and on-air shifts, which is great. I also have big plans to put things together since we don't have classes this week. First, I want to make another generic music promo, in addition to the weekly ones, and I'd also like to make a morning show promo. My biggest goal is to make a new Titan Radio resume demo to start up my All Access daily searches again. Additionally, I'd like to make some new automation sweeps and work on my senior project redux.

I'm also planning a "Backyard Band Week"-type project for when spring break ends. Many local bands have shown interest in air-time, but unfortunately I can't put them in the regular rotation. I'm going to designate each band to one day of the "Backyard Band Week." A night jock on the assigned day will play a few of the bands' songs and we'll also play a brief interview. This will take a lot of planning, but I think it could work out well.

In addition to working at Titan Radio and doing all that other stuff once my scheduled hours are over, I'm also working at Star 104. I'm taking a few days to go home to squeeze in doctor appointments before I'm off my parents' insurance come May.

This week in broadcasting...I was a busy bee as always. I worked at Star on Sunday, and Monday I planned/set-up/hosted a remote in the TUB with the new student government president Matt Kerns. A special thanks to Amy Lavallee and Leanne Veres for filling in as board ops! I also talked with Matt about coming up to the station to make a PSA, some linkers, and a station ID because he really wants everyone to get involved with SGA and realize the organization is there.

I had my regular shifts, radio news, and morning show (Mon, Tue, Wed), and the music committee met on Wednesday since we had the SGA remote on Monday. Not too many new music changes this week, but there is always something we can add. Of course, I did the regular maintenance and scheduling as well.

I also produced The County Line this week. It went very well, which I owe a lot to the anchors and director. It timed out perfectly. They only had to stretch a wee bit at the end because there is no show next week and therefore no previews. We even did some jazzy things--we had a reporter do a live tag out and we had a live on-set sports interview, which we don't normally have. One thing I especially need to learn and work on is camera blocking. This is a huge weakness for me, and I sometimes forget about bits and pieces. This was supposed to be my last producing shift of the semester, but Mike Wolenski was kind enough to give me one of his shifts so I can have one last shot.

Today I'll be filling in for someone's news shift. I'm working in Erie both Saturday and Sunday, and will be working at Titan Radio for part of my spring break.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Radio Girl of the Week 17

Nat Massing...She's an Erie girl!!! She works in my building at Next Media, but I've never met her as of yet. She's right next door at Rocket 101 (rock format) where she co-hosts the morning show with Mojo. Massing first hit airwaves at Gannon University's radio station under the guise Natalie "Heavy Metal" Massing. She's always around town with Rocket's Road Crew, and she also does the Community Calendar and Rocket Sound Check (the local music scene scoops) for the station.

In June 2006...

Hopefully I'll still be at Star 104 (You never know--crazy things happen in radio so you can't bank on anything for sure). One month after graduation, my hopes are to still be in Erie, getting as many hours as possible and getting stronger and stronger. Ideally, I'll have an aprtment by May and a supplemental job to earn some extra cash to make ends meet. Other than that, it might be nice to make some new Erie friends.

This week in broadcasting...I had my first weekday shift at Star, which went half-way decently. Obviously, there were many things I can improve upon for next time, but it wasn't a total train wreck. I was even able to handle board opping my first remote with ease. I really look forward to getting more hours when people are sick or on vacation. Unfortunately I have to turn down some hours for classtime.

Had all the usual stuff this committee, morning show and shifts, new music promo, news, filled in a shift or so. Tonight we have a remote for Lil Sibs Weekend at the College in the club room where the kids will get their faces painted and what not. Next week we'll have another remote for SGA with the new president Matt Kerns.