The Hit Music Princess

Started off as PD at my college station WWNW in New Wilmington, PA. My first paying job was board opping at CBS Radio's Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh. I part-timed at Star 104 in Erie PA for over a year and at Froggy in Pittsburgh. I just started my first full time job doing middays in Meridian, MS at WJDQ (CHR). Every step in my career is exciting!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Radio Girl of the Week 13

Janet Snyder...Now that I'll be working in Erie, I thought it might be neat to check out the stations in neighboring markets. Janet works for Entercom in the Buffalo-Niagra Falls, NY market (#52). She makes up half of the morning show on Kiss 98.5, the area's #1 hit music station. She's extremely enthusiastic about radio and was quote as saying, "This is the best job in the world!" She knows what's up! Kiss 98 website!

Friday, January 27, 2006

This week in broadcasting...was the first full week back. I started all the normal hullabaloo with radio shifts and radio news. Getting into the ryhthm is a job within itself. I travelled to Erie to sign all the papers at Star, and I'll go back on Tuesday to train with Raechel Tyler on her mid-day shift. I'm also looking into remotes for the next few weeks.

Last Sunday I hosted and produced a six hour millenium show. Dr. B and I created a browse and entirely new clock to count down the Top 89 Songs of 2005. I also added in the #1 songs from 2000 forward. We had links with the top national news stories of the year, and Hauger was gracious enough to create local ones as well. I wanted to do the show live rather than voice track, because I needed to manually adjust the show the whole time, and it would not have worked out right.

Festival Plans

I think Amy would be awesome at creating a display for the Broadcast Festival. She's excellent with promotions--especially in designing layouts and getting necessary items. Justin would also be great, adding his artistic perspective to the display. Whoever you choose, don't choose me! I'm horrendous with artsy things.

I'd really like to work with the time capsule, and I think Luke and Hauger would work well with putting something together for it also. However, I'm not quite sure what we can put in it. Any number of people would be good for working with the juniors--I'd be glad to do it, but I think Shannon or Jolene would also do a fine job.

I think it would be really neat for Brian to incorporate something about his radio show somehow, possibly with the time capsule. That way the future kids can see how the program was re-instated with him.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Radio Girl of the Week 12

Heather O' for ABC's Hot AC station, 95.5 WPLJ. She interned at Metro Traffic while attending college at Rutgers. Soon after the intership ended, she was hired there as a full-time employee. She first worked on-air as a traffic reporter for WABC-, before moving to PLJ in 1998.

Monday, January 23, 2006

New Job

Star 104...Today I got a call from Dan Baxter, the PD for Star in Erie, and he said I was hired for a weekend on-air position. I go in Thursday to sign my papers, Tuesday to start training, and have my first official shift on Sunday, February 12. When I interviewed there, I fell in love with the station and abslutely adored the people. I first got in touch with the station by making APD Jessica Curry a "Radio Girl of the Week," and look what happened! I AM SO EXCITED TO START!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Project Redux/BC Fest

Lots to accomplish this semester...I definitely want to continue the tradition Tandi started with a radio remote from the Broadcast Communications Festival. It will be good to have all the seniors involved and to create a time capsule so that we can be remembered in years to come.

As far as my senior project goes...I will be more involved with radio news this semester and hope to put together a tape. I will also continue developing my on-air persona and create some demo's to send out. Who knows what will happen? I lot can happen in one semester!


I'm very proud of all the juniors have accomplished thus far in their careers. I know and have worked with all of them at some point, and they're a great group with a lot to offer. The capstone experience will propel them even farther into their career paths, as it has done for myself and my other classmates. My best advice is to keep plugging along and add as many valuable experiences to your resume as possible. I know that I had one internship in my field that I disliked, and another that was broadcasting, but not radio, that I loved. Try it all! Everything you do is a stepping stone that opens another door. I actually think it would be a great idea to start a blog now (as some of them have done) as a means of networking and begininng to contemplate the future. Trust me, everything you do helps you in some way or another!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Important Lesson

What did you accomplish during the break? Give a summary hitting the highs or the lows. How will what you accomplished set your tone and actions for the weeks ahead?

Over the break...I learned a really important lesson about finding the RIGHT job for you. I can't get too specific here, because it's not right, but there is a fine line between accepting a job just because it's a job and waiting for the one that feels right to come along, knowing that it may or may not ever do so. Once I have things set in stone, I'll let you know!

Over break...I accomplished a ton. I'd rather not go into intimate career details here until things are official, but things are good. I received a phone call while I was away, and I'm hoping I didn't receive the message too late. I'll keep you in the know. I traveled all over and connected with a bunch of new people, in person and also through e-mail. I created a new resume demo and gathered material for a new one. Also over break, I did a news live, which unfortunately was erased!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Radio Girl of the Week 11

Roxi...She works on-air at Clear Channel's Kiss in the Salisbury-Ocean City, MD market. She has hosted the afternoon drive for about a year. I thought it was neat how she connects to her school-age listeners but promotion her shift as "after school time" and encourages them to Instand Message her while she's on-air with requests. This girl's up with the times! Roxi's also in a local band, Mind Control. Look at her band on My Space!

Wrapping Up Break Work

I'd first like to acknowledge Pam Marlowe and Leanne Vere's hard work. These girls were fantastic! They work SO HARD and they're really good.

These past two weeks, I did the 8 & 9 AM news and had a regular daily airshift. I also made the weekly news/new music promos, along with the new music selection each week. That's always my one of my favorite parts and I think I'd like to be a Music Director some day. Dr. B. and I made the spring air shift schedule which is always a chore because you have to work around every student's class schedule. It's actually a lot harder than it seems. I also began producing a six hour new year's special for the first weekend of the semester. "The Millenium Weekend" will feature the Top 89 (Titan Radio Digital 88.9. Get it?) songs of 2005. I created a browse on RCS and orded the songs according to the year-end Radio and Records charts. The special show will also include the top song from each year so far in the millenium along with news snipets regarding the top stories of '05.

Another part of my duty this week was to move from the Christmas transition clocks to the schedule we used over break and back to the typical school schedule, including the morning show formats. One night I board opped the men's and women's basketball game using the Comrex and sendig out feeds to the MSN website via phone. The other day I did a live from the new Sheetz for the noon news. I even had an interview from the marketing manager. While I was there, he gave me 50 coupons for specialty coffee drinks and 50 coupons for free sandwiches all to give away on air. I'm sure AMy and I will have a good time coming up with creative ideas to give them away!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Favorite Thing

This actually happened last spring, but I've been thinking about it lately as PD's have asked me why I like radio or what I can bring to the table. I may not have responded exactly this way, but suddenly my answer is this:
A listener once told me that she was not really a fan of the Backstreet Boys, but she loved their new song ("Incomplete" at the time) because I did too. She said I talked it up so much, that she had no choice but to be excited about it too. That is what radio is all about--loving what you're presenting so much that it's contagious. Rarely will you find a job that powerful.

Connecting with my "Radio Girls"

Jessica Curry...Back in October, she was "Radio Girl of the Week 4," and today I got to meet her! I went to visit Star 104 in Erie and talked with her (she's the APD in addition to co-hosting the morning show), the PD Dan Baxter, and the company's vice president. I felt like we had great chemistry and was really glad I had the chance to meet with them. I listened to the station on my way there and back. Love it! And Curry and her co-workers are great as well! It was also my first time in downtown Erie, and it seemed like a nice place to possibly live some day.

"Geena the Latina"...I found her in November and labeled her "Radio Girl of the Week 7." As I do with all the girls, I attempted to e-mail her. I couldn't find a proper address, so I sent a generic one to her station, which she never received. BUT...she e-mailed ME! She had googled her own name and came across my blog. "Geena the Latina" is awesome--she said really encouraging things about what I'm doing. I later asked her for advice on something, and she was more than supportive.

I had also asked my buddy, Randi West, for some serious advice and she was amazing too!

And...She was never an official "Radio Girl," but I want to give mad props to my hero, Melanie Taylor (former day-time girl at B94). She used to be on-air at Star 100.7 after my board opping shift, and we were tight. Now she does traffic on WTAE's morning show. Great girl! She's too, too humble, and she always gives me excellent advice and encouragement. She even told me she was impressed with my aircheck. Imagine hearing that from someone who's impressed YOU since you were just a kid listening to the radio!

Also doling out great advice and keeping me positive...Tandi Lane (Morning show/MD in Tallahassee) and Megan Marshall (evening jock in Ashland, OH). Both girls are 2005 Westminster grads.

From Erie to Wheeling

I owned I-79 this week...Saturday I met with a Clear Channel PD in Wheeling, West Virginia. The station cluster has an enormous history there--it's located in Capital Music Hall, home of the Jamboree USA. The PD taught me a lot about company ownership. Also, I just came back from Star 104 (Next Media) in Erie. Great place as well! I met with the PD, APD, and VP! Both of these clusters had a set-up of bottom level studios with windows facing the street, so everyone on the sidewalk can see the DJ. Really cool. Good things from both stations...stay tuned.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Radio Girl of the Week 10

Hollie Anderson...the mid-day girl at the Drive 100.5 in Charleston, SC. She's originally from Minneapolis where she attended Broadcasting School. She worked in radio for three years in Milwaukee before moving on to Little Rock. She eventually ended up in Charleston, where she's worked for 15 years. The drive is owned by Clear Channel and runs on a "Modern AC" format.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Networking Is A Full Time Job!

I know I mention this a lot, but I send my stuff out on All Access CONSTANTLY. I send out at least one per day and it has been paying off. The out-of-towners are usually dispappointed when they find out I'm not available until May, but they've been encouraging me to keep in contact over the next few months because you never know when positions in radio are ready to open up.

I've been "talking" to a ton of people in the industry--some more seriously than others. I corresponded via phone with a PD in Fayetteville, NC about on-air openings, which could be a definite possibility in the future. Also a Promotions Director from West Palm Beach, FL (IT WAS 76 DEGREES THERE THIS WEEK!) called my house and my cell phone, and we discussed promotions assistant positions. She also invited me to fly down to the station, which I may possibly do. I know I'll be flying down to Florida at some point this semester, but I'm not sure which part! Also, I've been talking to a VP in Wheeling, WV VERY seriously. I'll keep you updated. I've heard from a few others too. I just love that people are showing interest!!!

Right now I'm back working at Titan Radio before school starts up again. Leanne and Pam are great! I also managed to make a new resume demo, and I've been sending that out instead of the ones I used this fall.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Market Possibility

State College, PA...It doesn't have too many stations, but it's a small market with some possibilities, including nearby Penn State for possible graduate classes and proximity to some of my family.

I've also seriously considered working at Barnes & Noble for extra income no matter where I end up. I understand they want you to know about ALL kinds of reading material, not just the classics. And I've read a lot of books from various categories, so I think I have a decent chance of being hired there. Going back to the State College idea, they have a Barnes & Noble right there.

Post Grad Options

Over the holiday break...I've been applying like crazy for programs and internships in New York and California. I'm also applying to Semester At Sea and the New York Media Experience Program, which allows students to intern in NYC from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Since most internship programs require you to receive school credit, delaying my graduation is a possibility. I bought a huge internship book and have been snail-mailing quite a few apps out. I also started a rough version of an E-portfolio, and I'll hopefully improve it with the Career Center. And as always, the regular dispense of my mp3's and resumes via All Access.

Additionally, I saw my high school principal who told me she would go over some interviewing practice with me, because I come across as very young, even though I know a lot about my field.

Back to all-things Titan Radio starting January 2nd: news, programming, on-air shifts, and creating some new promos. It will be just like the good old days of summer 2005!