The Hit Music Princess

Started off as PD at my college station WWNW in New Wilmington, PA. My first paying job was board opping at CBS Radio's Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh. I part-timed at Star 104 in Erie PA for over a year and at Froggy in Pittsburgh. I just started my first full time job doing middays in Meridian, MS at WJDQ (CHR). Every step in my career is exciting!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Lil Bit O' This, A Lil Bit O' That

This week in broadcasting...was pretty swell. Our Flashback Weekend to 1985 worked out quite well over Homecoming weekend, as did our alumni reception. I gave tours of the station to alumni as young as 23 or 25, and some as old as 75! It was a great chance to meet everyone and find out what they're doing! We also had our third and final remote for collecting donations for the hurricane victims. Although everything went really well for Homecoming weekend, I was disappointed that I had to miss the Infinity Broadcasting Family Picnic, which would have been a great chance to meet some more employees of the stations.

I'm also producing The County Line this week. So far, it's going ok, but hopefully things will run smoothly on Thursday. We have more than enough material, including parade footage of Amber Brkich's appearance. Also later this week, we have another radio remote from SGA Day outside the Student Center.

Today I had the chance to talk with former Westminster PD Mary Ann Richey about her career path and her time at Titan Radio. She graduated in 1992, so her experience was really different even though it wasn't that long ago! I also found out that we participated in many of the same broadcasting activities.

Other things this week...Last night was our second TV graphics workshop, and my predecessor and good friend Tandi Lane sent me her resume to use as an example for my own. We talk frequently, and because of our history of working together and her new job at Cumulus in Macon, Georgia, our conversations always revolve around radio. She gives me great tips all the time! I also talked with my boss at Star 100.7 about a new training program for board ops that will start later this fall. Right now I'm getting ready for a dinner with the college president for all student organization leaders.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Radio Girl of the Week 2

Randi West...My second favorite radio girl of all time (the first being Melanie Taylor). Don't worry--she'll have her day, but this week it's all about Randi West. West is a syndicated day-time personality for Clear Channel's Kiss on several stations across the country. To name just a few...97.9 in Jacksonville, 96.5 in Cleveland, along with G105 in Raleigh, NC. At one time, she was actually on 96.1 in Pittsburgh, although I didn't start learning more about her until later. Actually I discovered her website while browsing Radio and Records (surprise, surprise).

Anyway, I've gotten to listen to some of her celebrity interviews via her website and she is definitely a rockin' radio star. We've also corresponded through e-mail on countless occasions, and I know I can always count on a response when I have a question (no matter how silly it may be).

Randi West...Radio Girl of the Week and one sweet chick!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Homecoming Week

This Week in Broadcasting... We had our rescheduled remote at Sky Bank that was rained out earlier. On Staurday we have yet another chance to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in another remote before the Homecoming football game. For the first time, this year we'll host a broadcasting alumni reception. I can't wait to meet some of the alums and hopefully see some I know! This weekend is also our Flashback Weekend for the 20th year reunion of the Class of 1985. I created a new clock and a browse group with Selector based on the hit music charts from 1982-1985. Tomorrow I also meet with my music committee for our regular weekly music selection.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Radio Girl of the Week!

This morning I met the one and only Mary Ann Ritchey from Star 100.7 and I told her about the alumni paper. We're going to talk this week.

Oh and I met her dad too! He was really cute in his little Pirates hat!

I also decided to start a little segment in my blog entitled "Radio Girl of the Week" to profile someone in radio. Mary Ann is the first. She works in production at Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh and she started out as a Westminster Program Director. I don't know too many other details about her career, other than she was also on air at the station for awhile, but I will soon find out more as I interview her for my alumni paper!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Call Me Columbus!

Nothing compares to my favorite website of all time..., but in the journey of exploration, I discovered There's a section I found quite interesting entitled the "Aircheck Library" that has audio clips of jocks and morning shows from around the country. I even found my boss from Star 100.7, Jonny Hartwell, on there, along with the station's morning show! I also saw a job openings section, but you need a subscription to get in, although users may opt for a free 10-day trial. You can also look up air talent and links to their own websites.

Baby Steps

This week in broadcasting... was the big kick-off for our Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser for Titan Radio. We broadcast live from the student center for 7 hours and raised $300! Tomorrow we'll go to Sky Bank and raise more. We're still looking to reach our goal of $889, so we're also planning a remote before the Homecoming game next week to collect more donations. I also started research for our 1985 Flashback weekend for the 20-year reunion on Homecoming.

Our senior project proposals are due next week, and I am deciding what material I want to compile in addition to what work I may need. I'd really like to make a television producer tape in addition to some radio work, but I'll post a more detailed version of my proposal later.

My search for an alumni research paper subject has also just begun. This week I received a compilation of names and information from the alumni relations office. While there are several alums working in radio whom I'd love to learn more about, I think I have it narrowed down to Mary Ann Ritchey, who works for Infinity Broadcasting in Pittsburgh. She was a former Titan Radio Program Director, so she's been in my very same shoes! I already e-mailed her once back in the summer and she seemed like a great person. And just because I choose to write my paper on her doesn't mean I can't contact the others on the list that caught my eye!

Just for fun...The seniors were asked what song has lyrics relevant to their lvies right now. While I can't think of a specific song at the moment, it would have to be something about not letting anyone hold you back. As much as I love the people in my life, I know that I can't choose where I'll inevitably have to end up moving to pursue my career. A job in radio is my first priority and no person or thing will be holding me back. If you can think of a song with lyrics that fit, tell me!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Your Daily Dose of Ethics

It's ok to show emotions--even in journalism. Well...sometimes. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, reporters should not show emotions. Careers in journalism require an innate ability to tell a story and release information without any biases. Often times in the news industry, employees grow desensitized to the news and rarely have a need to control their emotions--it comes naturally. Pardon my crude example, but I think of it as parallel to the adult entertainment industry. To those in that specific area, sex is business and nothing else. The same applies to the news media--crimes and tragedies are a business.

BUT...on the very rare occasion, even the most experienced journalists will display emotion and are even entitled to do so. These situations include 9/11 and, most recently, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

In the article below, one journalist raves about how the situation has brought about more emotion in journalism, believing that such reporting should emerge more often to bring about human concern.

Situations this extreme allow journalists' emotions to bring about a call to action, as was the case with Fox News' Shepard Smith reporting from the scene. He shouted at a policeman on-air, "What are you going to do with these people? When is help coming for these people? Is there going to be help?"

If this were any other kind of news story, particularly if it was controversial, Smith would have been wrong. However, desperate times call for desperate measures and his acting out on his own feelings was not only acceptable, but admirable.

Just An Ordinary Week

This week in broadcasting... I've been planning for two huge fundraiser remotes we have next week for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We will broadcast live from our student center and collect money for seven hours on Tuesday and do the same on Friday outside Sky Bank in town. This week I have to get everyone involved, reserve our locations, get fundraising permission, train board ops, etc. Our goal is to raise $889!

I also started helping a few people with radio news this week--with co-anchoring and producing. Tonight is the first night of our news magazine, The County Line, for the year. Although I'm not doing anything major for the show this week, I dug out one of my old packages from last year for filler and will train some of the new kids on crew duties for the show. Normally we broadcast live, but we're taping earlier this evening since we just a new audio board and want to make sure it runs smoothly.

Additionally, I had two radio shifts on Monday and my morning show with Amanda Hauger on Wednesday. After my summer of 4-5 hour shifts every day of the week, a few 2-hour shifts a week are a breeze!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Start Brainstorming Your Life Goals NOW!

This week in broadcasting… Even though this was the first week back to school, it was actually fairly normal for me since I’ve been here all summer. I did a few newscasts and a shift earlier this week, in addition to our first remote. Right now people are just getting back into the swing of things after a summer away. I also made a resume CD starter for my capstone class.

Our first presentation… Next week I’ll be presenting on my short and long-term career goals. I plan on sharing my personal timeline with the class of where I want to go in my life.

Next year I’d like to go for the non-traditional, which I have discussed with Mr. Weaver. I’d like to go for a big-city internship in the fall. Right now I’m looking at the New York Media Experience Program at Marist College. After that, I’d like to travel on Semester at Sea. I’ll elaborate on these decisions at a later date, but those are two things I want to do before I get tied down in my personal and/or professional life.

I’d like to then spend time in radio while I’m young, pursue a master’s part-time several years out of college, and eventually earn a law degree part-time to work as a communications lawyer. Don’t worry, I know this will take a long time to accomplish, but I’m all about goals—both long and short term—and have been contemplating these options for quite some time now.