The Hit Music Princess

Started off as PD at my college station WWNW in New Wilmington, PA. My first paying job was board opping at CBS Radio's Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh. I part-timed at Star 104 in Erie PA for over a year and at Froggy in Pittsburgh. I just started my first full time job doing middays in Meridian, MS at WJDQ (CHR). Every step in my career is exciting!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Star 949 Website

New website for Star 949 (my Florence-Muscle Shoals station) launched at the beginning of the month. No stream, but it's still fun to look around and see some of the fun stuff we do.

Check it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


This week I started tracking middays for another market in my company. I'm now also on Star 949 in Florence, Muscle Shoals, AL 6 days a week in addition to my other show/duties in Meridian, MS. Lotta work, but great opportunity and I can tell I'm gonna grow a ton!

Tomorrow I get to meet with my Muscle Shoals PD when he comes to town. My Meridian PD recently left (sad for us, good for him) to take on nights at Y101 in Jackson, MS. Congrats Carson!

Other great things are coming....Stay tuned.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Discovering New Talent

I started hanging out with a random non-radio Mississippi girl. And to everyone's surprise (including her own), we've discovered she's a radio jock waiting to emerge. By visiting me at work a few times, she started tooling around with Cool Edit.

She basically taught herself to use the system and is a genius at making bits! We've spent several late nights at the station while she puts all takes 20 phone calls and creates them into 2 minute bits. My PD just hired her as a part timer to do basic prod like loading spots and syndicated programs. And soon we're gonna try her out on air.

Friday, October 05, 2007

History is Back!!!

The legendary B94 is back as of 5 PM Oct 5, 2007. Wow that relaunch was amazing!! The die hards already know this, and those who don't probably don't care but the first song was "Sexy Back" by JT.

The rumors flew all week but now it's official and everyone is ecstatic. It's friday night and I don't wanna do anything but sit in front of my computer and listen to the stream. That's a true radio geek.

The Stream...

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Book

Not much new here... Starting up a new book soon. I also started connecting with more major market jocks, particularly females, to get feedback on my presentation. I also listen to streams as much as possible--I try to catch the last hour of TJ's midday show in SLC, Randi West in afternoons, and Silly Jilly or Boomer at night.

Our country station here is huge so most of the events are with them. Last week we had a "Hunter's Night Out," at the Farm Supply where we literally gave out a TON of corn. (It has something to do with luring deer, I dunno.) I got to serve up the deer chili all evening--it was tasty!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Past Month

In June our country station brought Jason Aldean to town for a concert with over 5000 people. It was said to be one of the biggest events in Meridian in a LONG time. The only way to get tickets was to listen to the station--winning on air or at our remotes. We also had 3 nights of talent contests to pick a local opening act for the Aldean concert.

Next weekend my station (Q951) is hosting a Back to School Beach Bash at Geyser Falls, a water park with white sand beaches. I'll broadcast my ENTIRE show live from there.

Other events I've been to lately--a Monster Truck Rally and a bunch of interesting fairs!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Promotions Director

I recently got more job responsibilies. I schedule music for the weekends with Selector and I'm now also Promotions Director. This involves a lot of planning, connecting, and organizing and I hope I can do a great job making the cluster shine!